Adrian Vallera of DisclosureFest

This session we delve into the effects of mass meditation with Adrian Vallera who organized the 3rd largest mass meditation with is DisclosureFest project. In this hangout session he talks about his first contact, his high tech crystal clothing line, healing outreach programs, service to others, meditation, dimensionality and time.

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Mass Meditation Survey Results

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The Maharishi Effect & Why It’s Important

Fiffty-three research projects conducted in numerous countries around the world over the last forty years show reduced war deathsreduced terrorismreduced crime rates, less emergency calls, less suicides and accidents even less alcohol consumption. On the economic side when a particular population achieves the Super Radiance threshold there are more business start-ups, more patent applications, improved stock indexes, lower inflation, higher employment rates, higher economic growth rates and so on. 


During 2007-2010 when the size of a group of advanced TM-Sidhi program participants exceeded the threshold predicted to reduce negative trends (√1%), there was a significant shift in the US national homicide rate and urban violent crime. Relative to the baseline period of 2002-2006, the drop in homicide rate was 21.2% (5.3% per year) and 18.5% (4.6% per year) for violent crime. (Source)


Rhode Island Study was done with 300 TM Meditators in 1978. Notice there is a long term effect that lasts for several years afterwards.


Results of the recent Lebenon Peace Project which reduced war deaths by 76%. 


Many scientists believe that when we meditate, coherence happens and a field much like electromagnetic radiation, laser, halo or light is produced. 


This is a description of how super radiance in a laser works:

“Normal light is emitted in direct proportion to the number of atoms in the light source. When the atoms in a laser are in perfect coherence with each other, a new type of collective behavior emerges characterized by intense orderliness. The individual atoms cease to act independently and begin to behave as one complete coherent system. As a result, the light emitted by the laser is significantly stronger than normal light. It is through coherence that the individual atoms receive their power. The power of light coherence is tremendous. It is powerful enough to burn through steel or to shine a laser beam on the moon. Scientists have found that the intensity of light emitted by a laser of X atoms is magnified enormously to X². If 100 atoms are perfectly in phase or coherent, they will radiate with the intensity of 100² or 10,000 times that of a single atom. This phenomenon is physics is known as Super Radiance.

Similarly, it is thought that when groups of meditators meditate and experience transcendental being a super radiance effect is generated. This field of super radiance is significantly more powerful than that experienced by an individual meditator. This super radiance quality of transcendental being can be felt by society at large if the number of meditators is large enough.

Consequently, scientists began to do research in this area. The focus of the research was to see if the field effect of consciousness stimulated by a group of meditators could affect the EEG coherence between subjects at a large distance. Indeed, the study showed this to be the case. Many other studies too have followed and confirmed the idea that transcendental being has a halo or super radiance effect. (Source)


A phase transition is simply when a system moves from one state to another state. For example boiling water moves from liquid phase to gas phase at exactly 100 degrees. 

The super radiance phase transition kicks in immediately at the square root of 1% for any given population not before. The coherence process, once started, really is very fast. People who have experienced it say it is almost like turning on a light switch. (Source)



According to Robert Oates in The Maharishi Effect, written in 1985, and Dr. Keith Wallace writing in The Neurophysiology of Enlightenment, the first experimental evidence for this phenomenon arose in 1974. In this study, scientists observed 11 cities in the United States with populations over 10,000 in which 1% of the population was practicing transcendental meditation. They then looked at one major index of the quality of life in these cities, the crime rate, and compared it to the crime rate of 11 other cites matched by population and geographic location. From 1967 to 1972 the crime rate was increasing in all the cities. The cities with over 1% transcendental meditation participation showed a decrease in crime of 8.2% from 1972 to 1973 as compared to the year before. (Source)

Since then many studies have been done, including an ambitious study where the global minimum of Extended Maharishi Effect was assembled at Maharishi University.


Full Interview

April 9, 2021 – Exo Metaverse 2nd Fridays FREE Exo Hangout


Adrian Vallera: Everything you all are doing, so, so interesting enough for me, and I think it’s quite similar to a lot of other different stories that people have had, but it all started with healing with me. I felt very connected and it felt very natural to me to. To help people with different elements, whether it’s body work, I eventually started getting into a little bit of meditation which, you know, other types of energetic healing came through. And just I started being able to to work on people in that way a little bit. And then the full activation again, I always link it to a contact experience, which was very interesting for me. So three nights in a row in Encino, California, in my mom’s backyard, used to live in the kind of garage connected, I mean, the room connected to the garage. So you step out on in the backyard. So I did a lot of time in the backyard and three nights in a row there was this triangle shaped craft up in the sky for forty five minutes, moving just enough for me to know that that’s not a star and taking shape here, in there. So three nights in a row this was happening and I felt very strongly that there was some sort of. Information or some sort of transmission I’m supposed to get. I thought it was very distorted. And. The next the fourth night I was scheduled to go to a Bashar, this is a 19. Ninety two or ninety three or somewhere around, then that’s how long it’s been for me and I went to Bashar channeling, I’m sure you all know or if you don’t Bashar is very amazing information that is coming through ET’s contact and. I asked Bashar what this was, and it was very interesting because he went into his what do you call the cosmic library for 30 or 40 seconds. We’re all like the edge of our seat. And he comes back with one word, Liley. And I was like, what is this Lily is like, you can mean anything. I really didn’t. I was really trying to figure this out. And then months later in my room, I woke up at 3:00 in the morning and this vibration started in my head and it started from a very low double vibration. And it just grew until I was actually doing this deal, like my head was possibly going to explode. That’s kind of where it was. But once it reached the highest point of vibration, this amazing, beautiful city appeared in front of me four feet away, clear. I can see that the glare that there’s some sort of light shining on her and you can see the glistening in her skin and beautiful Asian humanoid being. But again, I was we all feel like when this happens or if this is ever going to happen, that we’d be prepared for it. And it’s like we’re ready. And at that point, I still I’ve always believed in it. I still was not ready because at that point the fear started for my solar plexus in that same vibrational state that once it got to the highest point of fear here, she she disappeared. And it was very interesting the way she disappeared. There was this remember in the eighties when you turn off a TV that that line. Like when she disappeared, that line was there. So fast forward a little more than that to I think it was like a six to seven months later, I’m hitchhiking to Missouri for a rainbow gathering. And I’m I’m camped out at the healing camp working on people, and there’s. All of us is galactic library, you know, so it really more of a remembering, but that activation was just what set it all in motion, I guess, for me. 

Zenka Caro So we talked a lot in the last session about time and how, we can’t really wrap our heads around it yet. Do you think that this daughter of yours is in the now or in the past or in the future or what? How do you make sense of that? 

Adrian Vallera It’s always been interesting. I really feel like the past the future now is in the past, the future and this moment and this reality is all happening at the same time. You know, I started having experiences also meeting some of my star family in different different beings like the mantis and and Arcturian and Lyrian and and seeing these these beings and traveling with these beings in some of these regressions that I’ve had, and then remembering that these things were just future selves and it’s all in the same exact moment. [00:01:13]So I feel like I’ve heard it from so many people, so many people that were or were second accordion, you know, and it’s just, you know, it’s like that feeling you’re in this and this reality. When you open it up, you’re in all these different dimensions. [14.7s] So and so I’ve been I’ve been able to kind of validate through through my experiences as well. 

Zenka Caro Interesting, so what do you think of your Adrianne’s self here, like we these like what do you make sense of what we’re supposed to be doing now? And and I mean, yeah. How do you make sense of your life as a person? 

Adrian Vallera Yeah, it’s really interesting. I feel like, you know, we are infinite beings. There’s no beginning or there’s no end to us. So we have this endless amount of whatever if you want to even call it time to learn how to work with karmic debt is a big part of this that I feel it’s one of the reasons I became plant based. And, you know, and with all the different triggers and deep rooted programing that we’re all like still even super spiritual, conscious people, myself included, are always trying to, you know, figure out how to move through and not bring old or old old habits and old realities and old programing into this new way of moving forward and remembering that like it’s really all karmic debt we have we have an infinite amount of time to get it right. But what I feel we’re getting right is to to learn how to live in our hearts fully. And there’s different ways of collecting that perfect, positive or even negative karmic debt or there’s so many levels to that. So it’s really just a learning to get to that point of ascension. You know, it’s kind of like I always like to refer to it as being in a hot air balloon and we’re just dropping dropping sandbags to send in those sandbags are like karmic debt, you know, and the more that we put on wheather, whatever, that how we treat people, how we treat our animal family, the planet, or how we go about our our day, even in the in Christianity, there’s so many different comes up in so many different ways through through the spiritual communities, wondering if the religious Christianity you can even even with reading some of those teachings, like Jesus always said, I am the way. But if you really research the way he was and the way he walked was very, you know, even pure even thought. So getting to that point where we can even be super pure of thought and then living in a non physical reality and levels of of even that type of density where we’re even non physical beings. So I feel like in this life, getting to that point to where I was in the music industry, I was about to start working in film really deeply because I’m working on that for a long time. I really wanted to pursue that and then finally getting this transmission after I was ready to start casting a movie and I got it financed and I was ready to start shooting and Guatemalan and amazing transmission came through so clear this is put this on hold and start DisclosureFest Foundation as this platform. And again, that download wasn’t super clear at the beginning, but then it just I could download it was just it was at 10 percent when I got it and it was at one hundred percent almost a year later when I found out what it was, this amazing platform to help people in activation through a huge mass meditation festival that’s, you know, such an activation and now is like one of the three largest mass mobilizations in the world to doing these initiatives and helping people remember that even being of service is a huge part of this spiritual evolution, spiritual like acceleration that’s going on, or conscious exploration that we’re remembering in this really intense reality, this construct that we’re in with with business, with survival mode, with rent and all the things we need to do to have still have that time to be of service and step out of service to stop for a minute. That was one of the missions. To do that as well is just really putting this platform together to to help remind people that’s a very important part of our evolution as being of service. 

Zenka Caro That’s amazing that you really you got you’ve got the direction that you should do it and that you follow that, because sometimes it’s so hard, you’re like, but wait, I thought I was going that way. I was walking down where you want me to walk this way, you know? So that’s why we’re so happy that you’ve done that. And I want to talk about this, the power of this mass meditation I want to share. Also, we did a poll about this and we got some interesting results. So let me just share my screen. So we had, you know, a lot of people that took the survey had already had an experience doing mass meditation. So we had seventy three percent do that. And, you know. Do you believe mass meditation can change the outcome of mass reality? We got one hundred percent right there as us as a response. So tell us a little bit about your experience with it. Like, did it fulfill what you thought it would? And tell us about the work and and what you do with the crystals as well. 

Adrian Vallera Just so. Yeah, no, it’s been it’s been such an amazing experience. So, I mean, I wasn’t honestly supposed to leave the mass meditation at first. Quite honestly, I wasn’t planned that way at all. I was. But I was I was I was finding gurus and yoga teachers, spiritual leaders and things like that. And it was really interesting when we were planning this, which was marketing a lot, it seemed like people were starting to kind of like battle over who gets to do it. It was really, really interesting, which got these amazing transmissions to tell me those. I’m supposed to do it because I know the intention and that’s what I got from it. It’s my it’s, you know, the pure intention that you so it’s really important with mass mediation because you’re sitting in front of so many thousands of people that are now visualizing the same thing, the same change together. So it’s such a huge responsibility. And so I you know, I’m not a meditation teacher or anything like that, but my meditations have always been super visual. I work with chakras. I work with I’m very visual. I’m a seer. [00:09:18]So I guide people through ways of seeing our reality a bit different, you know, and that is kind of the way it was. So one memory that was really profound was in Washington, D.C. We brought out the festival there and I booked out the National Mall and put a huge stage in front of the Lincoln Memorial steps. And it was the Wayne’s World seeing, you know, like everyone was surrounded by the pool. Meditating in front of the steps was really beautiful, many thousands and thousands of people. And a lot of that was, again, know world peace and sending a lot of love to the politicians because we were right there in D.C. and going into the into the House, to Congress and just filling that room with light and all sorts of really fun stuff. And we did a little bit of checking around after the meditation. And we we found and this was just a short period, we don’t have the time or the resources to to look, I wish we could just go back. This be a cool thing if I can just have people go and research all after every meditation on different things. But in Washington, D.C. and New York, there was a murder and two weeks after that, which is like never happened. So that was does one thing that was really research and I was like never happened. So I was like, wow, that’s huge. And that’s just how many lives were saved in that in the with that. So I think my mass mediatation is such a beautiful thing. It’s so powerful. It can really flip this reality that that we’re all is planetary reality we’re all facing right now. It is such a beautiful positive thing which is already heading there. [17.9s] And I think with mass meditation, we definitely could visualize the planet we want to be living in at this moment. And so that’s that’s such a profound thing. So, yeah, all about it. 

Zenka Caro That’s so incredible. That’s incredible. Yeah, the studies do show the minority university has done all the studies and it does work. It reduces car accidents, crime like all of these things. We understand that. And what’s so cool is that coherent meditation is stronger than chaos. So you don’t need that many people to do it. So that’s just so powerful. And I was reading the other day that the monument is actually like because of the components of the of the the stones that are made. It’s an amplification device. So doing it, there may have been a very powerful place to do it. 

Adrian Vallera Yeah, very powerful. A lot of people don’t know a lot of the work we do behind the scenes. So even when that and with that DC event, we of me and four other Lightworkers did spend thirty seven hours one week prior to the mathematics and reversing the pentagram grid. The streets of DC are made in our research. The streets are actually made into a pentagram where it feeds into the White House and then another leyline goes right to the house. We spend thirty seven hours with lightworkers and crystals at every point and every crossing of the pentagram, putting pillars, columns of light and then supercharging with a mass meditation. So that’s a lot of work we do and a lot of the transmissions that came through with this was to actually go and see it go and travel through these different earth grid. So that was that was my. And traveled to different places and bury crystals and a lot of things, [00:13:22]what we do with our mass meditations on you are experiencing that I have a bowl of over three thousand crystals, four thousand crystals sometimes, and every one of those people in front of the stage and in the live stream it to supercharge these crystals with their heart frequency. And these are the crystals that I take all over. I’ve done probably over four thousand grids in the last five years, and these are the crystals that we kind of carry all over the place and different types of meditations that we do at these markers before we fire up a certain grid for some. Very amazing. Reason that was downloaded in transmission. [39.7s]

Zenka Caro That’s super fascinating. Yeah, I would like you to explain this to people that don’t understand it, so I understand that. So a crystal’s like an energy storage device, just like ice is like we’re starting to realize ice has memory, right? It’s like it’s it’s it’s the crystal of a certain type. But crystals, quartz crystals, you know, carry a lot of information. So talk about that and how and lay lines themselves, like all the great cathedrals and things, are built on lay lines, like how do you how do you can you can you explain that a little bit more and how the electro magnetic do you think work like it? Does it mean that in those points those the super even more are meditations or or what needs to be done on those? 

Adrian Vallera Well, I wish I knew those answers. You know, like I said, I’m not a super scholar. And all of this is just these transmissions come through and I surrender and listen and and trust. I guess that’s what it is. But, yes, these these crystals, they take these quartz, all sorts of different gems and minerals. They take thousands and millions of years to grow. And within those thousands and millions of years, wherever they are on the planet, they are collecting information. So things that even happen on the planet during the times of their growth are stored into these crystals. And I’m talking about anything that could be happening on this planet, any shifts, any alignment’s, anything. It’s all in there a lot of times. And you get a crystal and you’re like, oh, my God, I love this crystal so much. But at some point in this in time that you’ve had this crystal, sometimes you just give it away and you wonder, like, man, I love that crystal so much whether I give it away. You received the download from that. And then now that download was in, the person you’re giving that to are now are calling in to recreate the reality, to receive that information as well. So so when it came down to gridding, it was very, very interesting because basically I do a very deep meditation where I channel and connect to the Earth’s core and the sun’s core, creating a pillar column between the sun’s core, my heart and in the Earth’s core, and start beginning this pillar of light right still until it bursts on both ends and goes to infinity. And that’s my way of quickly doing the meditation to connecting to that source energy to receive the information, the transmissions that are ready to receive. And when it comes to these these gridings, what I do what happens is I’ll get like a place just comes through and then and then the name of that place and I’m like halfway in trance and meditation is still scribbling out a piece of paper. And so I’ll scribble down a place and then next thing you know, a rock formation or something will come through and I’ll just draw it while I’m halfway in and out. And then if it’s a road or if it’s a tree or something will come through. And that’s all the information I need to know from marker one. I know where it is. I know what date around. I need to be there. I know if it’s during the day or evening or sundown or whatever, that all is all the way through. And then I go into two or three more of those and then I and then I pack my bags and I’m gone for a trip. And I do this a lot and I teach actual like workshops on on this type of meditations to do that. And actually some people have already been doing that through these type of channels that these group challenge that I’ve been doing. 

Zenka Caro Yeah, you were telling me about that is so fascinating, you allow people to go into a meditation channel right down through light language, then interpret their language and know where the earth is, where we need to go. It’s fascinating. It’s a really huge movement of people doing this and and pouring their healing into into these special places. It’s so fascinating, you know. 

Adrian Vallera We’re just reading one of these, if I can. So you may be one of them, how they actually come out. 

Zenka Caro So while you’re looking for that, I just wanted to let everyone know we’re about to go into our breakout groups, tonight’s theme for the breakout groups. And Adrian, you’re just going to stay with me here and anybody else who wants to stay. We’re going to continue the the interview, which will then post up for people who are in the breakout rooms to check to check out. So the topic tonight is is going to be meditation. So what happens in your meditations? Have you made contact in your meditations? How do you do it? What is your practice? What do you need help with? How does it work for you? Have you been in another mass meditation? These are the kinds of things you guys can discuss. And then always, if you need support in your life, you can also ask for that unrelated to meditation. Right? We’re here to support each other and each person you’re going to be in groups of four. Each person is going to get about five minutes and that person should be able to speak interrupted. If they want feedback, they can ask for it. And you will have one person. There will be a timekeeper in each group just to keep everything moving. And again, I’ll start the breakout groups. If you don’t want to join a great group, you don’t have to. You can stay in this main room. So just ignore the message and we’ll see everybody in 20 minutes. In the first section, I’m going to be moving people around a little bit to get make sure that we have the right number, each group. So don’t start getting into the chair until a couple of minutes. And so here we go. OK. And Adrian, why don’t you talk why don’t you share what you were going to share and also talk a little bit more about this process of taking people into this this channel where they’re interpreting their own white language? And maybe you can talk a little bit about that as 

Adrian Vallera So for an example of like what? I guess a lot of people get the same thing when we do do this. So here is I if you can see it, you can’t see it with this. Sorry, there’s a background, but. Yeah, yeah. I’m not going to be able to this background or take it off quick, so. What was that last question? 

Zenka Caro Yes, so just describe a little bit how these work for you with with the sessions that you do where you teach people to to listen to where they need to go. Right. To listen to are they need to do the the grid work and listening to their own language and how they interpret it. 

Adrian Vallera It would be nice to show you this, but you really can’t see with this background thing. But, yeah, so so the first the first part of this telling is you you kind of once you get to that place and some people take a little longer than others and some people know is that you start scribbling all these different symbols that just come through and they can look all different types of different types of some really, really interesting ones. And then I take you through another meditation, how to decode that through through your hands. And then from there, that’s when the rest of this information comes through, where you fill out the different markers that you’re going to do. And once you fill out, let’s say you have three markers or three, three places, you go to one place. You know, when you’re supposed to go there, you do your thing, you do your meditation, you fire up your calling. Bury crystal’s all the different things and you start heading to the next place. And then now after you you activated this next marker. Now you’re sending energy between the two markers. Now you’re visualizing this amazing energy bouncing back and forth, these two markers as you make your way to third and then you actually do this third and now you have two points. Right? Then you fire up and now you’re sending this energy between these three points. And these are three points that had one of the Sphinx in Egypt, two where I had the other one in Las Vegas and the other one in Mount Shasta. And that was my triangle. And once you go and you put your energy on all three points and fire it up very and light speed, and you see this like energy traveling to all three points. And then, you know, what I visualize is bursting of this beautiful triangle pillar. And that activates that that whole grid, so the trip is just the markers, but at the end, when you finally finished your actual firing of the grid a lot of times or three, sometimes four, sometimes it’s fine, but three is a big one that comes up for me. And they’re always for different reasons, know ascension. Acceleration is helping trap Lightworkers souls that have been caught up in drug addiction or mental illness to help get their bodies. So many different. I mean, there’s so many different dozens and dozens of these that have come through. This is the reason you’re doing this grid, and it’s going to be for you. It’s nothing. It’s not so important. But what I did teaching this to people and they get their own reasons and it’s very powerful stuff, equally as powerful. You know who is that makes you know about this until it just came through, so I love the idea. 

Zenka Caro It would make sense that there is three because that’s a triangulator. I mean, that’s a triangulation of points. So that would make sense. What is it what is your feeling about. If you know, we all need to heal, right, we all that like something that’s universal to all of us. What is your advice to people about healing since you are essentially a master healer. 

Adrian Vallera Yeah, I think I think we all are master healers, trusting and surrendering to your ability and really opening your channel. I think that’s what a lot of times what’s going on is where we have so many dormant areas within our our spirit, whether they be chakras and your cracks in your field, just really not connected to your channel or there’s flickering going on in your centers. So it’s really getting to that place. And if you and if it is healing, that is really there’s all sorts of that. [00:25:38]There’s there’s sound healers, there’s there’s energetic healers, there’s a body workers. And then there’s people that heal through their music or or through their art, you know, as painters or artists. So there’s so many ways to activate this. And I feel like really it’s getting to that point to really fully understanding that that is your dharma is to to to be a healer. [25.8s] It’s an interesting word, healer and and and really surrender and find out ways to learn ways to to to open yourself up to that cosmic library. And remember is all this information that we’ve known and start implementing it, because once we start doing that, even if you’re a massage therapist and you’re good at rubbing shoulders, like for me, I do this thing that’s really interesting. And it’s I don’t know what it was. I was a body worker for so long and then I was seeing pictures like little pictures while I was. So I’m a big movie buff. So I figured that they were like movies that I’ve seen. But then when I started channeling while I do body work, I noticed that they turned into like actual scenes. And I’m like, wow, I haven’t seen this scene. And then I notice that these scenes were very traumatic for everyone. All these scenes were very traumatic. And then I realized that there are only certain over certain parts of the body. So now I just started figuring out that, OK, now I’m able to find where people are storing trauma in past lives. And I’m actually seeing the root of a trauma that was recreated in the life over and over and over again and never healed. So that is something that was really profound for me, because now able to help people go back to why where it started and take them through a full, really intense visual scene to bring up the emotion of that trauma and then and then help them release and heal it finally. And then from there, it’s like pulling string through all of these different lives that that they went through almost the same type of healing, almost like whether it’s the reverse of it or the same thing over and over again, whether I don’t want to start naming things, it could be. But you can tell from that. And that just came through. It’s not something that I started doing. I started just doing body work. And then that started coming here because of allowing that channel to open and be able to now do my form of channeling through with meditation. I mean, with with the Bodyworks. 

Zenka Caro Yeah, yeah, it’s amazing how. Easy it is for us to just keep repeating things in our lives, you know what I mean? And then to really be sympathetic to the fact, as you say, that this could be something that happened way back, you know, in another generation, you know, and so we get to be gentle with ourselves and we also get to be heroes and kind of, you know, when we can. And really because once it’s healed, then then, you know, there’s there’s so many benefits to that. It’s so hard to heal. You know, it’s so painful, so hard, so arduous. But then but yeah, it’s really powerful. On the other side. So those are 

Adrian Vallera one of those are the sandbags I was talking about in our in your ascension process of security in align with that word or you know, those are the sandbags, you know, like we can just start dumping the soil sometimes. These are the sandbags aware of, you know, I’ve found out so many of mine I was unaware of. Until I just was just open up or found a direction for me to help in by myself, you. 

Zenka Caro Yeah, so I want to talk a little bit about your work with Feed Our Soul because it’s been such a powerful thing for you and other people and the people that have gotten to participate to support it and then the people that are receiving it. It’s a huge thing. And I want you to tell us how it started and how it’s going and what your mission is with it. 

Adrian Vallera And it’s a beautiful one, you know, so every year we add a new initiative in twenty eighteen we started our Feed Our Souls initiative and that one really came through because of our sisters and brothers out there that are experiencing house themselves and living on the streets. And we started this program where we eventually we first started going into like the like in Skid Row here in L.A. there’s there’s a couple of parks. I started doing events there and we’d bring food, we’d feed about five hundred to a thousand people. But there’s also it’d be like a little mini festival within within Skid Row and there’d be like a healing sanctuary, a space for women. So many different women are experiencing so much sexual abuse and row and mental illness. And so in a children’s area, a place that we have like over three thousand articles of clothing, you can kind of we do this city wide just drop off some clothes and so we had showers, we have showers, barbers difference is such an amazing thing. So we would be doing this every every month since COVID we had to kind of do it a different way. But we’re still doing it every month where we are feeding anywhere from three hundred to five hundred people. But now we do care bags and we just drive through and hand them out. It’s been really helpful for the communities out there to really appreciate it. And there’s there’s such a huge shortage going on, especially after EBD aid stopped, the unemployment money, assistance, money that was going out there that stopped about a month ago. And it’s it’s created a very huge food shortage, as well as a lot of violent crime starting to pop up again because of everyone stressing out about it. So it’s really important. So we have a lot of amazing people like Follow your Heart. It’s been a huge partner with us for many, many years. GT Kabucha. community farms. So, so many amazing partners. We have them on our website. You can see them on. And even now we’re trying to work with Mark Sims and he’s going to start coming in and helping with our Feed Our Souls and combining our two different individual non-profits and doing some work together, because eventually this whole thing was to lead to some housing solutions. And we’ve been talking a lot of data from the many, many of our sisters and brothers out there that are ready to possibly live in a very, you know, nontoxic, positive, sustainable community. They have this they already know how to live in a community. Now it’s a non toxic, sustainable community. You want to bring it into the reality with amazing partners and amazing ideas. And we’ve got to get over two hundred people now that we’ve discovered on Skid Row that are ready to be in a place that’s not dealing with drug addiction or much mental health issues. So it’s really a beautiful initiative and it’s going to help get a lot of our sisters and brothers off the streets and then into a very beautiful sustaining community that can develop beautiful tools for the planet now. 

Zenka Caro Yeah, that’s so powerful. That’s so great. Yeah. Imagine the energy and warmth and love that they could create. It’s just it’s just powerful. Yeah. And I know that you find some of your work through this new amazing crystal line. And my friends just came to visit from L.A. and they’re like, look at her like amazing DisclosureFest, you know, and they were all excited. They’re like watching it wrong side out and like just to make this take so well because of them. Tell us about that and how you’re innovating with that. It’s fascinating. 

Adrian Vallera Yeah. So thank you for bringing that up. So beautiful. Yeah. So so I don’t I don’t pay myself a salary from discloser. So my, my, my my sustainability comes from a merchandizing. [00:34:58]For a decade I’ve been trying to figure out how to put into crystals into the shirt inks and it’s been quite a challenge. And now we got to this point finally to figure out a way to I’ve got over thirty seven crystals infused now into these inks, pretty thick amount of them. So you’re actually feeling what they’re printed in a shop that has four hundred thirty two soundscapes playing in the background. I teach this meditation to my printers that basically where they connect again to the Earth’s core, to their heart, to the sun’s core, back to their heart. And once they feel their heart, it’s a manual printer. I don’t want to do this on any any automatic printers because I need that that meditational pushing the ink from your heart onto the shirt. And then they’re supercharges on the bottom for twenty four hours before they’re shipped out and get a little stick of sage with them and some crystals and do your own little blessing ceremony when you get home. And it’s like it was really cool thing. And they’re very, very, I mean I, I keep wearing them. I was like wow, I feel, you know, everyone that calls me that I got was like, man, I feel these are amazing. So I am super stoked and every single dollar that goes in is a. And to help fund our initiatives and to keep doing our feed our souls and our star initiative, working with children in children’s schools, which is the next thing that we’re doing now, and we’ve been doing it now for a while, but now we’re about to move into this next phase of it is bringing a permanent curriculum into children’s schools where these children can before they even start their classes in the morning. They are in mass meditation together. So there’s a school we’re about to start with with almost five hundred students every morning are going to be in mass meditation for class. A class in school now is yoga. Another class is going to be meditation, sustainability, composting, like things that I wanted to learn in school, that I had to wait till my 18 years to finally start bringing into my life. Now, children from kindergarten through eighth graders are going to have experience to have a permanent curriculum in this way, have plant based Mondays where we’re just compassion for animals and power based options every day. So that’s Starseed initiative. And that one’s going to be hearing a lot about that one, because now we’re actually going to start having meetings with LAUSD and bringing vegan chefs into schools and all sorts of really amazing things. [168.0s]

Zenka Caro Wow, that’s incredible. Yeah, other cities could replicate what you guys are pioneering. So with this, the initiative that came this year, are you are you really adding a new initiative every year? 

Adrian Vallera I know it’s crazy. That one was twenty nineteen and so we’ve been at it for a few years now. Twenty nine to 2020 was our Every Elder Initiatvive where we started going into assisted living nursing homes and helping to empower our elders. You know, a lot of them I feel we’re experiencing loneliness and they have this tremendous life experience. So just to go in and listen to an elders like experience and then also share yoga and meditation, sound healing and Plant based Foods and the whole thing, we started doing this in 2020. We only got a few and then we had to put a hold on it and we were trying to figure out how to do it virtually and to get back to going back into these homes. That was amazing. 2020. We’re going to kind of turn it into our twenty, twenty one. We still can’t do it. It’ll be a twenty, twenty two initiative. And after that we’re doing we’re going into our tour with our next initiative is going into. Drug rehabilitation centers. That’s where it’s going to. I know it’s crazy now wait till it gets 30 initiatives to so amazing. 

Zenka Caro [00:39:22] So what is your. We’ll take one or two more questions or bring people back from the breakout groups. If you guys have questions, feel free to add them into the chat here. So what do you make of disclosure right now? What do you what do you make of the landscape and just in general of of. The spiritual community and how we’re doing and what you see ahead. 

Adrian Vallera [00:39:49] [00:39:49]I mean, it’s like the the the disclosure that most people like relate to, which is ET and conspiracy disclosers definitely happening. We’ve never been at this place before and it’s going to be spiraling and we’re going to be seeing so much information and disinformation as we always have, which is why disclosure has never really been about that disclosure and it’s always been about the disclosure of. That disclosers the most important part is learning about ET’s for me, like I learned it when I learned about it, I was like, OK, because I was putting so much energy out into that. And then I wasn’t still doing the inner work, which is another reason why I started DisclosureFest to why I came through as I was going to all of these contacts and only one thing but these type of conferences and notice that I was being more addicted to the information. I was actually bringing the information home and utilizing it. And then so disclosed that the word disclosure and disclosure is really more about disclosure of yourself, you know, in the remembering of reflection that you are every living being and in the oneness of the universe. [78.1s] But as far as that disclosure that we’re all know about it, it’s coming it’s coming strong. There’s a lot of disinformation out there. And dear friends like Dr. Richard Greer, who Steven Greer, who’s out there really pushing the the positive ET contact thing is a very important thing because we’re starting to hear so much about this this narrative of the red flag invasion stuff. And we have to really be mindful and really ready for these amazing benevolent ET that are here to help us through this time. And the we ready for this information, this flood of information that the public has is completely unaware of within how our governments have been running. And while it’s about to be a landslide of information and it’s already happening, that it’s going to now have to be happening in such a level with the with with people that actually have still no clue. And they’re just going to be flooded with this. And it’s just a lot of the meditations that I have is kind of sending energy to help through that part, is helping people just be ready for the information that’s about to really flood through on a mainstream level. 

Zenka Caro Yeah, that’s really fascinating, you know. That was something that someone said to me recently, like you want to explore all these dimentions and do all this stuff, but he can take you off track because you still have to deal with. You know, like you said, like be embodying love and all that. So you’re talking about this information addiction, you’re talking about this big drop of a drop of information and having Operation 

Adrian Vallera Dark information, 

Adrian Vallera right? Yeah. So, again, what’s your kind of synthesis of of where to guide people back to where where are you? Where are you? Where where are you guiding people? To their north star. Where are you pulling them into your heart. Where are you? Where are you telling them to go? 

Adrian Vallera Yeah, you totally cut out and most of that. But you’re back now. Could you repeat. 

Zenka Caro OK, yes. We thought you thought you said this very astute thing about how we get addicted to information and it can it can lead us off track where we don’t even do the work that we’re the inner work that we’re supposed to be doing. Right. Because we’re just consuming the information. Where would you direct us back to? Like where where do you tell people to look for their north star and focus? 

Adrian Vallera You know, it’s really interesting because it’s all it’s all really programing and it’s deep rooted. And it’s and it’s for so long, for so many years and and lives. So even someone like myself and you and many of our amazing people that have been doing so much of the conscious work, we all fall into this program still. And a lot of these people that are, you know, at the cusp of remembering or not even close vibrational scale, it’s going to it’s going to affect them in such a profound way. And the triggers and the impulses and the roots to where they go to is, again, if fear state. It’s always easy to get to that point. And even when it’s hard for us, I can only imagine how hard it is. I do. I struggle with it every day. And I can only imagine with someone that’s just, you know, in the cusp or the verge of remembering what it’s going to do. [00:45:01]So, yeah, my advice is really getting back into your meditation practice and daily meditation practice and remembering that like this is all an illusion. So we also are all creators that co created this illusion together and that we all have this power to to to shift this reality into whatever reality that we would like. And as much as that sounds difficult, it is literally that simple. But really getting back into the heart and bringing your meditation practice into your life daily, I’m even trying to remember to do that every day. Again, I used to do multiple two to three times a day. Now I’m like struggling to get the time to do it once. And then once you lose track of that, like a lot of things could unravel. [54.9s] And getting finding your way back into your heart and taking your steps through from that energy, from that frequency is the way to move forward and through meditation and really learning about different ways to get out there, different groups that are doing meditation, groups that are doing women’s groups and in the divine masculine groups and all these different ecstatic dance. There’s so many things going on in your cities. [00:46:34]Look for it and go out there and just don’t feed that information so much, because a lot of times when we hear something that’s scared, that triggers us into a fear state, we just sit there and feed it where we can come back to the heart. And also also because we’ve been so, you know, we’ve been wounded and created that wounded, that it’s really important to step away and kind of distract us a little bit with the good stuff. Ecstatic dance, yoga, meditation, go to sound bath go to the beach at night, go on a hike. You know, like lay on a tree is just really just take just take nature into your life, I think is really what helps me. If I’m really stressed out, we’re going to go on one hike way in a rock for twenty minutes like it’s I’m a different person. So it’s it’s really not feeding the narrative and feeding that information and letting that information kind of rule your frequency. [60.8s]

Zenka Caro Fascinating. Yeah, I remember you telling me once around the fire that you know, that when someone, you know, riles you up or causes you to become off center, it’s just sending them love and then moving on like it’s important to know how to reset yourself. And like you said, like unplug from those things and then go do that, walk in the park or sitting on the rock. All the suggestions were so powerful.

Adrian Vallera You know, it’s important. 

Zenka Caro Yeah. So I wanted to welcome everyone back from the breakout groups, so we had a little confusion there with those at the beginning, so thanks for sticking in there and getting set up there. You know, you just mentioned, Adrian, this whole, you know, the dream, the hologram kind of idea. And, you know, next week, in two weeks, we’re going to be having Riz Virk, who is the author of the Simulation Hhypothesis in the Simulated Multiverse. And so he’s just coming out with his new book and he’s going to be talking about the Mandela effect, quantum computing. And this whole hypothesis is very fascinating ideas. So. So, yeah. And I love Adrian, how you put us in the driver’s seat. Right. So we. Really, you know, that’s what HeartMath  always says, it’s like, what have you fed the field today? You know, with what? With what energy have you done it? And we all know we’re going to get curve balls. More curve balls are coming in. So we’ve got to anchor ourselves and be these pillars that we know we can be. So I wanted to to invite anybody here in the group to ask any questions to Adrian. And also we have a couple really powerful meditators on the call tonight. I know Rob does a power of 8 group, so I’d like to offer also if anybody would like to share their meditation experiences or some, you know, something contact related or not. But but something really powerful you’ve had. And that was Adrian’s first suggestion to us when he said make sure that you try to carve out that time every day, because once you get out of the practice, you’re out of the practice and then you can’t you’re trying to figure out how to work back in. So if you’d like to share something now, you can raise your hand on the reactions button on the right hand side. And then if nobody would like to share and remember, if you are sharing, we are going to be sharing this out and broadcasting it. So we request that if you share your agree to that and we’ll also be sharing a release here in the chat. So if you’d like to share, go ahead and raise your hand. And then also if you’d like to ask a question to Adrian, we can do that as well. Rob, would you like to talk? OK, great. Would you like to talk a little bit about your power of eight experiences? Let me just. Sorry, my Internet is so lacking today, I can’t even tell people it’s so crazy that we can’t do it here. You can pinch yourself. Actually, Rob, I think 

Rob Smith here I have to start talking or start talking. I’ve heard a wicked OK, I worked at Exo. Can. Very unusual, Zanker, could you get yourself and see if that makes you so OK now let’s try it. OK, now let’s try it doesn’t work. Something’s going on. Let me try to do it. Let me try to. 

Zenka Caro Why don’t we come back to you? I’m going to have Susan come on real quick here. Um. Suzanne, it’s so good to have you and I know you were in the chat talking about how it was great to hear about what Adrian is doing in the schools, because you’re also a pioneer in that. So you have time for here. Go ahead. 

Susan Very, very, very excited what you’re doing, because the very, very, very excited what else is very there’s feedback. It’s somebody else a thing open or something that it’s somebody else of the open mic open. It’s giving people. I think it’s OK now. All right, so I’m excited because I’ve had a vision since I was in grade one of of changing the world and I knew I had to start with the children I knew and had to start in the schools. And this all came out of I had a near-death experience at age two. And so I’ve had a lot of different kinds of experiences throughout my life that have have I was in a coma for two weeks after the MMR vaccine, and I won’t get into a lot of details about that. But what that experience has has given me a vision of what it is like to be fully conscious and aware and be in that space of of unity and love. And and so I always had difficulty with being on this planet. I kept asking, you know, why am I here? And by the time I was four, I used to pray for a spaceship to come and take me home. I’d look out at the stars here and pray for it. And then I had my experience in nineteen seventy one with five alien ships in Niagara Falls. So just jumping through it and and hearing your experience is just so enlivening and enlightening and, and the importance of meditation is so vital and key. And this is something that we start our days with in the piece school which I started, and I’m regrouping it and and bringing it out to the world and trying to bring it around to put it in Kenya and Belize and in different places around the globe. I’d like to learn more about your school and and and how you started that and how you initiated it, how it grew. And I’d like to learn more about that. So so that’s where I met. And I know the meditations are vital because that’s how we started our day. And we used to do one where we did meditation with. It was sort of like with song. And starting with doing the the different tones, you know, the starting from the in the solar plexus and working our way up with our mouth closed and then then opening our mouths and letting the sound out after you fill the hole, the cave here and let the sound out. And it was so profound that the children absolutely loved it. This was kindergarten to grade six, and the sound was so profound that you could hear all the different octaves and and harmonics. It was like Pythagoras and the music of the spheres. So anyway, I know that kind of thing is is really exciting. And I would like to learn more from you about that. And I would love to connect with you at some point, too, to. You go on about that, so I don’t want to take up too much time here, so. 

Zenka Caro That’s great, Adrian. You can go ahead and speak, my computer’s acting so crazy, I can’t pin you. But Rob, can you help pin Adrian to since your co-host. Yeah, Adrian, why don’t you tell us a little bit more about your how you brought these elements into the school. With your program of meditation and the 

Adrian Vallera rest of the season, first of all, there’s a. Yourself. See if it’s up, am I good now, can you hear me? Yeah, so yeah, it was beautiful because like I said, in 2018 we brought in our Starseed initiative and that was very clear to start going into children’s schools. And we’re talking kindergarten now and still bring it into junior high and high school as well as really starting with the children. And because of our mass meditation initiative, which is a 20 thousand person festival, we have we’ve always had over 60 workshops, 20 different stages. So, like you got to think it’s a full day of each. Each stage has like six different speakers and facilitators and teachers. And these are all in yoga, super conscious, mindful studies. So what I did is I just brought all of that into the schools, building a curriculum that really felt balance. So what we started doing is partnering with different schools. And what we would do is we’d come in one day of the month and then that one day we would be there for six, seven hours, and we would have the whole school participating in these different curriculums, independent from their normal studies that they do. And like I said, it was yoga, meditation, sound, healing, music and movement, ecstatic dance, and just really helping these children find their expression and empower them to understand how such amazing miracles they are. We have we incorporated this one we did at an animal sanctuary where we had a whole a whole group of children learn how to heal with their hands. And then we went into the horse corral and we started painting horses. And these are all horses dealing with glaucoma and cancer and all sorts of amazing things that these children were sitting there with activated charcoal painting these horses. And it’s such a beautiful thing. And you can kind of remind a child of their capabilities in a way before they get programed with video games and all the things, you know. So that’s kind of the way. And now it’s evolved into now we’re figuring out ways to them to be permanent curriculums instead of us coming in one day of the month. It’s an actual everyday practice. And finding these schools that are open to that, it’s quite a challenge and challenge, but it’s starting to really open up. And so that’s that’s kind of how it started. 

What I’d really like to connect with you after is there’s some way I can think of. Please, please. 

Zenka Caro Yeah, I can do that. I can make that happen, Susan. Awesome. So, Morgan, you’re you’re here. Go ahead and share. You’re on mute, Mark. 

OK, so my question to Adrian is, I was thinking by what you were describing, your experiences making contact, and it sounded also to me is the possibility is that you’ve done this for many lifetimes and the experiences that you’re having now, almost like you’re naturally knowing kind of what to do. You never did this before, but you have a sense of doing things a certain way. So the question was. Could this be from prior lifetimes that you’ve always been a healer and now it’s coming back to you, or do you think that this is your first lifetime as a healer? 

Adrian Vallera [01:00:36] I mean, I really resonate with the healer thing and multiple lives, I have an experienced life where I’m calling it, yet it’s just very familiar at this point and I resonate with it. But that’s only I know because of like I’m I’m really experiencing a lot of lives where I’ve dealt with unresolved trauma and I’m still working through a lot of that to get the kind of help, help clear my cup, you know, and get that weight that’s been kind of like dragging a little bit. And it’s important stuff. Shadowlord is so important. When has it like I said, it hasn’t came up fully where I’m like, you know, because I’ve had vivid experiences of lives. And that’s one that hasn’t really, really super resonate with that. So, yeah, thank you for bringing that up, because hearing that helps also when you do go deep into meditation or things like that can actually pop up and. Yeah, thanks for bringing that up. I know Rob was going to mention something about meditation. Yes, I was going to mention something about that. 

Zenka CaroNo, let me let me take a break real quick and then you’re next, and then that might be it for the night. So. OK, go ahead, M.K.. 

MK Hey, hey, Adrian. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak. I actually before coming to this, I heard about the disclosure fest before, but I never knew that. I’m not sure if I heard it right. You can tell me from I never knew that you also or your organization work with light codes as well. I’m also like

Adrian Vallera I can see them right in activity right now. Just looking at. 

MK Yeah. You can find more of that. I was going to bring that up. I’d like to actually work with you on this as well. But before I get to that question that I had was I heard you speak about crystals using crystals. I haven’t used crystals a lot until maybe about a year and a half ago when I started using them. But then I started hearing comments from people that some had concerns about extracting them in a proper way, not harming the land and whatnot. How do you make sure of that? I mean, they’re they’re selling. I’ve seen centrists will sell. So for five dollars, 10 dollars. I know some of the fake bits of them are actually real. And sometimes I think that how are they able to, you know, sell them so cheap online unless there’s a reason behind it. So how would you go about around that? That’s that’s I’d like to answer that. Then I’ll talk about. 

Yeah. It’s been a thing for sure. I’ve always you know, I’m always about, you know, protecting Earth and and, you know, over mining is a thing. You know, a lot of these crystals get mined out in a lot of like Madagascar crystals because Madagascar is like stuff that’s like we’ve been discovering new minerals in Madagascar.

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