Hybrids & DNA

In this session, with author, Alan Steinfeld from New Realities we covered hybrids, DNA, consciousness, remote viewing, nuclear weapons, disclosure.

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Alan Steinfeld’s Making Contact Book

I feel it is one of the best approaches I have found to grasp the most jarring enigma humanity has ever faced.”George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM

“We cannot separate the earth from its greater cosmic environment. What is needed is a new story and Alan Steinfeld’s Making Contact is part of that story.” ―Deepak Chopra, Author, Total Meditation

How can we prepare for an event that is literally beyond anything humanity has ever faced?

Making Contact presents multiple perspectives on what no longer can be denied: UFOs and their occupants are visiting our world. The book answers questions which remain in the wake of the recent Pentagon’s disclosures as to who and why these beings are here.

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