Do you think ET’s are trying to contact us?


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If so, why do you think they would want to contact us?

  • To up level the storyline.

  • They want to help with our consciousness ascension, which will help unify the galactic community.

  • To monitor our progress and see if we are making the same mistakes they did. I think they are also trying to help us prevent ourselves from self extinction through either climate change or war.

  • To help us.

  • To stop us from self destruction.

  • Curiosity. Open up ideas of the unknown.

  • They are open to us as we raise our frequencies in alignment with the universe.

  • To awaken humanity.

  • To share universal wisdom.

  • They will contact as others are ready to be contacted. This, some people have been contacted.

  • To help us.

  • To help with the coming shift.

  • Helping us to evolve.

  • Species upgrade.

  • Assist in our evolution.

  • I think they always have. Its evolutionary degree helps us evolve for the good of the multiverse.

  • To share information and energy messages.

  • To support humanity in its evolution.

  • To bring us into the galactic family through peaceful means rather than humanity feeling threatened by them.

  • To keep an eye on our ever expanding technology, although they know we are not even close to their technological capabilities. Part of that is to ensure we don’t end our civilization through war, there is documented evidence of UFO’s hovering over missile sites and disarming nuclear bombs during tense standoffs between world leaders. I think they have an interest in preserving the planet, and the life on it. The reason remains unclear, hopefully we will receive an answer to that soon.

These are the responses in a word cloud.



  • To help us reach our souls purposes.

  • They would like to help humans achieve a higher conscious and understanding of self…

  • Because it’s normal for species around the universe to interact with each other. Also, we are a dangerous species and must be carefully watched.

  • To let us know that they are friendly.

  • To awaken humanity.

  • Because we are destroying our planet and we need intervention.

  • To offer guidance and or establish a relationship with us.

  • They’ve already contacted us. Consciousness to consciousness.

  • I think there are a mix of levels of consciousness within ET’s – some lower vibrational ones and some higher vibrational than we can even imagine. I think the high-vibe ones are dedicated to love and graceful evolution and when people are ready or if it’s their destiny then the high-vibe ET’s will send supportive messages to help us raise our own consciousness. They are not here to save us – only we can do that for ourselves. But they are here to be supportive guides.

  • Universal Love & Assistance.

  • Help to save our civilization.

  • They’ve already been contact with us for eons…Some call then angels or spiritual guides or multidimensional beings…to provide guidance and clues for humanity to select and continue in the positive path of evolution.

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