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The Search Engine for Consciousness

The Light Net is created by people like you, sharing what has worked on the road to living your best life.

We provide a permission slip to embody your curiosity. Together we can explore the edges of what we know.

We are glad you are here.


The Light Net is a citizen science platform to collect shared wisdom about non-human intelligence and other dimensions.

We help people have their first contact experience, monitor search and big data trends, and map our best resources.


Citizen science is all about showing up for ourselves and claiming our right to knowledge and exploration.  

The Light Net is built for and by the people.  We invite your participation in a variety of ways: community support, web development, or where ever your genius shines.


The Light Net platform is dedicated to serving the science of consciousness through our Open Source/Data technologies.

We build community experiences, engaging surveys, interactive data visualizations, and full-text search of our stories of consciousness.

Light Net Search Engine for Consciousness

Expecting the Making Contact Community Hub or Network Metaverse? 

You’re in the right place, we rebranded and you can learn more here.