Kamora Jones

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Control Mechanisms

When our telepaths discovered hypnagogic communication, we realized the potential for the planting of seed abstractions deep within the human mind. The only challenge was finding a methodology for bridging the gap between our hyper-symbolic communication, and the human psycho-linguistic archives. Geometric structures proved to be the proper control mechanisms for us to hide our suggestions in.


Am I The Creator? Am I a quantum particle? Maybe The Creator is an elementary particle? Behold, I am the imagination within the infinite mind of collective thought. I am less than nothing, and I am the summation of infinite creativity. What is this elusively perpetual moment known as experience, and how will I integrate it?

Kamora Jones

Fishermen in Cartagena

Digital painting depicting a well documented event from 2014, where a couple of fishermen in Cartagena; Colombia, witnessed a luminous bright oblong object at multiple occasions. This is an updated version of an image that I made in collaboration with Uap Colombia.

Kamora Jones