Mariquita Quiroga

Cordoba, Argentina


I always wanted to be an astronaut, I dreamed of it since I was a child, I imagined the feeling of being immersed in that lack of gravity, surrounded by stars and looking at our planet from afar. It would be necessary to do a survey of how many people when they were children in the world ever dreamed of it and reflect on this need that always drives us to the universe, I tried but unfortunately my mother told me that it was not possible and instead of taking a rocket , I took a group to the university to investigate molecules that is not the same, but it is still another universe that lives in us.


The Moon

The moon, feminine power, the tides, the moods, the love that takes you to the magic pearl that accompanies us at every step, the one you see, the one Cleopatra saw, the one your children’s children will see. We stop to contemplate that she knows our history.

Mariquita Quiroga

La Hora Del Te

When I drank tea with my grandmother Pirucha, she always told me about the stars and comets, her father even told me that with his 97 years he had had the joy and fortune of being able to see twice in his life to Halley’s Comet. Tea time has always been for me a space for learning about our universe.

Mariquita Quiroga