MK, We Are Energy Beings

Nashville, TN USA

MK is the founder of the social media community, We Are Energy Beings. He is a spiritual digital artist and light language singer, writer, and speaker among other ebbs and folds in his “…multiversal life…” Following his recent awakening phase and contact with other worldly beings in 2016, he has been sharing several of his experiences through digital art and social media. One of his most recent downloads was scribed as artifacts by him in the first half of 2020 called The Reconnect Code, which was a group of artifacts of three different versions that contained information from different beings from across the multiverse. These artifacts are currently accessible for free for anyone from the following link:


Free by MK from We Are Energy Beings Free is an art depiction of a telepathic contact experience I had while doing a self CE-5 meditation a few months ago following a QHHT Regression session few months prior to that experience. During the QHHT regression, in another parallel life, I was captured along with another crew member by the opposition during a tactical war in space. We were being reconditioned to fight in support of the opposition as were many others. During the self CE-5 meditation, I recalled what seemed to be a suppressed memory of many of us who were captured by the opposition escaping in one of the opposition’s spacecrafts and landing on an undisclosed planet next to a vegetation of some sort. The spacecraft used some form of wormwhole technology to travel. I still cannot recall where the planet was located possibly for the safety of those of us who escaped from staying captured by the opposition.