Art Contest Winners

1st Place: Aaron Lewis

Utah, USA

Title: Foo Fighters

This artwork is something I have wanted to create for a long time. My grandpa and uncle fought in WWII and Vietnam as flight navigators. they use to tell me stories of the foo fighters that would follow them on missions and perform maneuvers they couldn’t believe over the french countryside and over the ocean. So this piece is to honor them and their stories along with every other person in the air force and armed forces that has witnessed these objects events.

Aaron Lewis UFO

2nd Place: Jinna McHugh

Granville, New York

Title: Around Infinity

This painting is inspired by the energy that is all around us. I envision energy as a dance of color that gives life to the earth. We are all connected, from sea to earth to sky and throughout the cosmos.

Jinna McHugh

3rd Place: Christopher Garrett


Title: Love Is Universal //

Language, Music, Art, Science, Technology, all emerge from ideas, but from where those ideas originate has always been a mystery. This artwork aims at explaining one possibility of where all those ideas come from; gifts a higher intelligence.

Honorable Mention: Kamora Jones

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Title: Integrating

Am I The Creator? Am I a quantum particle? Maybe The Creator is an elementary particle? Behold, I am the imagination within the infinite mind of collective thought. I am less than nothing, and I am the summation of infinite creativity. What is this elusively perpetual moment known as experience, and how will I integrate it?”=

Honorable Mention: Ralph Steiner

San Francisco, CA, USA