Making Contact Art Contest

Contest Details

See your artwork in virtual gallery, win cash prize and a convergence pass!

Overview: The 2021 “Making Contact Conference” event is taking place on The Making Contact Campus, a virtual conference center in cyberspace. It will be a 5-day event beginning on August 18th and ending on August 22nd. The event will feature an art contest in the Art Gallery.

The Art Gallery: The main gallery has 27 spaces to place artwork.  Each space includes a placard above the artwork for an artist logo that is a clickable link to a landing page for the artist on the Making Contact website. The Art Contest landing page will include a short bio of the artist and a picture of the artwork with a short description. A link to the artist’s website and/or their on-line store will be provided from the artist’s landing page as well.

Contest Rules and Prizes: Attendees of the conference will vote for their favorite 3 works of art over the course of the 5-day event via a dedicated website that will be accessible from the Art Gallery. On the final day, August 22nd, the top three winners will be announced. Prizes will be given for 1st ($963), 2nd ($639), and 3rd ($369) place.

Submission Process: We will accept submissions from any artist. Artists can submit up to 3 pieces of contact artwork along with an artists statement. Submissions will be accepted until midnight PDT on August 16th. Any submissions after this deadline may not be accepted.

Selection Process: A selection committee will be established to review all submissions. Announcements of the selected art will be made on August 18th and artists will be notified. Artists that have at least 1 piece of artwork selected for the contest will receive a free pass for the event. Prizes will be awarded based on popular vote of attendees. 

Artwork Formats and Size: Artists can submit up to 3 pieces of artwork in PNG, JPG and/or GIF formats at a minimum resolution of 1726 x 1150. Each file cannot be larger than 3MB in size.

Artist Placard and Bio: The artist’s placard image must have a resolution of 1135 x 437. A short bio and any links to the artist’s website and/or on-line store should be included.

Contacts: The Making Contact Art Contest will be Maura Hoffman who will be the Curator for the Art Gallery.

Deadline: August 16th Midnight

👇 Before Starting

  • Read all contest info to the left.
  • Have 1 to 3 image files (PNG/JPG/GIF) ready with a maximum resolution of 1826 x 1150, no more than 3MB each. Please name the image files with your artist name and the title.
  • IF you have an artists logo have that ready too for the placard space of 1726 x 1150 pixels.