My name is Olof Röckner, and I’m from a small town in the north of Sweden. Born 84, I grew up watching X-Files and Star Trek, something that sparked my long time fascination for UFOs and aliens. I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember, and am currently working full time with creating illustrations for book covers and articles as well as painting commissioned paintings (both digital and traditional painting on canvas) of people’s personal encounters and other UFO related art. I have experimented with meditation and psychedelics as a way of changing my perspective on life and consciousness, something that has greatly influenced my art and my outlook on life. All my links are on

Pilot encountering a Cube within a Sphere

Digital painting depicting a pilot encountering a Cube within a Sphere UFO/UAP. Loosely based on the infamous encounter between Lt. Ryan Graves from the USS Theodore D. Roosevelt and a UFO/UAP.

Pyramids on the Moon

Digital painting depicting a UFO hovering above pyramid shaped structures on the surface of the moon. This is a visual that comes up in my mind from time to time, and using art as a medium I’ve tried to capture the scene.

Olof Röckner

Fishermen in Cartagena

Digital painting depicting a well documented event from 2014, where a couple of fishermen in Cartagena; Colombia, witnessed a luminous bright oblong object at multiple occasions. This is an updated version of an image that I made in collaboration with Uap Colombia.