Astral Travel

The last collective intelligence sweep centered around getting out of our meat suits and into other realms. Astral travel or astral projection occurs when you consciously separate your soul or astral body from your physical body.

You can have an out of body experience in the day time or night time. The trick is really getting your physical body to be completely relaxed and then imagining your body moving without it physically moving. Many report a feeling of vibration as the astral body separates. Start small, explore things around your house and engage your senses!

Adam Apollo, who we were honored to have for our February Exo Members Only Hangout did a deep dive into his explorations of Astral Travel through his mystery school, The Guardian Alliance. He also experimented with taking people on group astral travel missions to other planets and recording people’s experiences which he has started to document at Galactic Family.

If you want to engage your inner citizen scientist you can start practicing by watching a small snippet of Apollo’s session below. The full hour long deep dive on astral travel from Apollo is in our members only archive, which you can access by becoming a member which will support our shared tools and research. 🤩

If you try this technique let us know how it goes by adding comments to the bottom of this blog post! ❤️

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Astral Travel Tips & Comments

  • It happened to me as a child and I remember it clearly. (Damarys)

  • Kriya yoga techniques taught by Parahansa Yogananda. (Sanatana Babaji)

  • Connecting with an intention, around specific dates. Chanting meditation is very helpful. (Victoria)

  • It just happens. (Ingeborg)

  • It happened by accident while sleeping. (Zoe)

  • Brain wave entrainment (Zenka)

  • Many Hindu scriptures. (Babaji)

  • Monroe Institute (Gregory, Zenka and Daniel)

  • Breathing, core isometrics, transcendental meditation, kundalini activation. (Kayla)

  • Started spontaneously as as child. At 12 yo, an esoteric Catholic nun happened into a small Lutheran community. She taught me TM (Transcendental Meditation) and a unique value system to base actions upon. She also taught me to read auras. Got me through a small town high school and was able to hold a broader vision for my life. (Heather Ann)

  • Hypnogogic meditation. (Jason) Hypnogogic is a state between wakefulness and sleep where you can obtain lucid dreaming etc. Tibetan Buddhism, hypnagogic states are used as a way of practicing ” dream yoga.”

Recommended by Zenka, Greg, Daniel

Recommended by Adam

Recommended by Adonai

Recommended by Adonai


Recommended by Adonai

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