Global Consciousness Project

The Real-time GCP Dot

The Global Consciousness Project collects random numbers from around the world. These numbers are available on the GCP website. This website downloads those numbers once a minute and performs sophisticated analysis on these random numbers to see how coherent they are. That is, we compute how random the random numbers coming from the eggs really are. The theory is that the Global Consciousness of all Beings of the Planet affect these random numbers…

Maybe they aren’t quite as random as we thought.

The probability time window is one and two hours; with the display showing the more coherent of the two. For more information on the algorithm you can read about it on the GCP Basic Science page

The Global Consciousness Project



This map a representation of Global Consciousness Project which is science’s way of measuring the collective consciousness (aka noosphere) described by sages of all cultures. When human consciousness becomes coherent, the behavior of random systems are thought to change.

Each circle on the map represents a random number generator.  The circles turn different colors depending on if they are exhibiting numbers that are less random. In this chart, the same as the Global Consciousness Project Dot, if you see blues or red/orange that is more significant than green colors because they are spiking outside of normal ranges.

You can move around and zoom in on the map.  Click on the “Connections” button to the right. This will create a line between the random number generators which are syncing significantly.

This international scientific collaboration measures up to 70 random generators placed around the globe to search for structured moments when the numbers become less random (within a trillion odds of chance).  The “eggs” have been measuring data for over 15 years, and have spiked on important world events which have carried heightened emotion such as 911 and International Peace Day. View which have spiked the data here.