Wilbert Smith

  • seanlogan

    August 31, 2021 at 4:42 pm

    Wilbert Smith was a radio engineer who worked for the Canadian Government in the 1950’s. He started Project Magnet to study UFOs. He set up a listening station to detect flying saucers with various kind of detectors, including radios. And he did detect them.

    He built a very unusual antenna. He claimed the design was given to him by ETs. It was a bifiliar coil, wound on an 8-inch long tube of ferrite, with a hole running down the center. He tested it at powers up to 1 kilowatt in a government lab where he worked, but found that it radiated almost no RF. Nevertheless, when he gave it to some ham radio friends to try out in the field, they were able to communicate successfully with each other. He claimed that the wave put out by this “antenna” was not a normal TEM (transverse electro-magnetic) wave, as described by Hertz. But rather something like a stack of toroidal magnetic fields, with the electric field running up through the donut holes, and I believe a third field unknown to our physics was also involved. He claimed this was the type of wave the saucers used for communications. He said it interacted with human thought — that you could direct the wave to some extent with your thoughts.

    Does anyone have any information about this? Design plans? Would anyone be interested in building, testing, measuring, such an antenna? Do you know where to get a 1 inch diameter, 8 inch long tube of ferrite material? I’m thinking type 43 mix might work well. Maybe we could stack together many toroid cores?

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