Light Net, Making Contact Community, and Network Metaverse

Welcome to the Light Net! If you’re familiar with the Making Contact Community Hub or the Network Metaverse, you might be wondering what is the Light Net and why you’re here. Well, you in the right place and we’re glad you’re here.

The Light Net is produced by the Wisdom Age Metaverse, 501c3, which is founded by Zenka Caro and Daniel Rekshan. You might also be familiar with the Exo Metaverse or even the NORD (non-ordinary reality database). These are all projects that are coming together to form the Light Net.

We support communities through our web and data technologies, such as the Making Contact Community Hub. We had a beautiful time working with Mark Sims and the Making Contact Convergence team. After the Convergence, Mark decided to go on retreat and gift the Making Contact technologies to core team members. The virtual world conference experience is still available at The Observation Deck.

The Making Contact Community Hub is now part of Light Net. If you had a Community Hub account, you can use your MCC Hub username and password to login.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any question.

We’re glad you’re here.