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CE-5 and CE-6 Protocols & Sightings

πŸ’» CSETI Dr. Steven Greer (Jill)

πŸ’» SETI Institute (Zenka)

πŸ“ A CE-5 Handbook PDF (Cielia)

🎧 CE-6 Meditation Audio by Mark Sims (Mark)

πŸ“± CE-5 Contact App for Android and iOs (Zenka)

πŸ’» Heart Star (Leanne)

πŸ’» The Harmonic Convergence 2020 – Mark Sims (Jacqueline)

▢️ CE-5 Videos (Jimmy)

▢️ John Martin UFO and ET Intelligences (John)

Astral Travel

πŸ“— Hacking the Out of Body Experience by Robert Peterson (Adonai)

▢️ Astral Projection by Spirit Science on YouTube (Zenka)

πŸ“— Adventures Beyond the Body by William Buhlman (Adonai)

πŸ“— Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experiences by Robert Bruce (Zenka)

πŸ“— Journeys out of the Body by Robert A. Monroe (Adonai)

🏫 Monroe Institute (Adonai)

πŸ“Ί How to Astral Project on Amazon Prime (Adonai)

πŸ“— The Art and Science of Astral Projection by Ophiel (Adam)



πŸ’» Awaken.World (Zenka)

πŸ™‡ Bashar (Natilie)

πŸ™‡ Abraham Hicks (Natilie)

πŸ™‡ Micheila Sheldan (Zenka)

πŸ™‡ Betsy Morgan (Adrian)

πŸ™‡ Channel Higher Self (Adrian)

πŸ™‡ Elizabeth April (Zenka)

πŸ™‡ Daniel Scranton/Primarily Arcturians (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Natalie Glasson/Multiple Consciousness (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Sara Landon/The Council (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Celia Fenn/Archangel Michael (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Solara (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Ronna Herman/ArchangelMichael (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Lee Harris/The Z’s (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Maureen Moss/Sirians (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Lee Carroll/Kryon (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Steve Rother/Beacons of Light (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Brenda Hoffman (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Esther Hicks/Abraham (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Jayme Price/Light Language (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Aluna Joy (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Patricia Cota Robles (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Alan Steinfeld/New Realities Channeling Roundtable YouTube (Karena)

πŸ™‡ Ailia Mira/Archangel Michael



Exo Studies

Sean EsbjΓΆrn-Hargens Ph.D. from the Exo Studies Institute is bringing the study of what it means to be living in a multidimensional multiverse to the world stage.

He has spent his life developing β€œmetaintegral” approaches to the fields of study by weaving together the primary insights from over 36 distinct fields of discourse from the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. As a result, exo studies sheds new light on UFOs by drawing on multiple academic, scientific, and esoteric disciplines that are typically not included in UFOlogy.