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Mark – My experience is unique based on the research I’ve done. When I first had my experience in November of 2012, I really didn’t know that much about the UFO and ET phenomenon. But from what I’ve learned about my experience – is how rare it is. In my case, I had a light being show up in my hotel room after I meditated doing the CE-5 protocol that I was learning at this retreat and Borrego Springs, California, that this was something organized by Dr. Greer. So I saw a ship that night with other members of the group that I was meditating with out in the desert. And when I saw that ship, I knew it was otherworldly. It was not human made. And that inspired me.

Later, when I was alone in my hotel room trying to fall asleep, I decided to try meditating and initiating contact by myself in that worked with this light being standing at the end of my bed. And to make a long story short, he ended up after, you know, a greeting I gave him approaching me and then literally and slowly and very intentionally merging with my body. And I could feel this. It was like a tingling sensation as he was merging with me and I was freaking out. But I forced myself to sit still because I did believe that I was witnessing a very benevolent being. It felt it felt like a very good, divine being. That’s all I can say. I just knew it was a good energy and I knew that what I was seeing and experiencing was so out of this world that I didn’t want it to end. And I forced myself to to stay calm and sit through it.

And what was it that initiated was what was called a communion experience. And this, I believe, is the very same kind of communion experience and definition that Whitley Streiber speaks about in his book Communion.

And and what I learned through this 13 days of communion with Tezjbar – what I mean by that is we were in the state of communion where in one physical body you have to conscious beings. I mean, imagine that. And that you’re able to communicate with that other being who’s higher dimensional being. And you get to ask any question you want. And every time I would ask a question, my mind was being blown, you know, and it would lead to a follow up question. And these questions were becoming more and more complex and the answers more and more involved. And what initially started out as a type of dialogue, telepathic dialogue in my brain, as if I’m kind of speaking to myself, although I know that the answers I’m receiving it could not come from my own mind. I began getting downloads as answers, and that was an experience just digesting information, volumes of information to answer the questions I was asking.

And that further led to what I call the third modality of learning from Tezjbar, and that was by through literally finding myself in the shoes of another being to to live the final few moments of their life, to to understand the question or the answer, to get the answer to my question. And much of my questions had to do with the afterlife and reincarnation, because what I was quickly and early in my experience learning is that when we die, we are either reincarnated or we ascend to the next major step of our conscious evolution. And that that only happens.

The ascension only happens when we graduate. When we come to some, we master some requirement that allows us to ascend. And he he later told me that was mastering unconditional love. And so so I was very curious about this. At the time of my experience, I was an atheist, but because I literally experienced the last few moments of a previous lifetime that he initiated, he kind of regressed me because I had gone through. I had many questions about reading. You know, when when he was telling me that’s the way it worked, when I asked him, so you’re telling me I was somebody else before his Mark Sims in this life, and he says, yeah, you were somebody else. And then lo and behold, I ended up living a previous life hundreds actually more than almost 2000 years ago. I experienced the last few moments of that life, which was quite an emotional experience because I was being, in effect, executed for being a rebel, a spiritual rebel, Christian evangelist is what I was. And and I write about this in my book. But, you know, that’s very unusual.

So what I’m describing and sharing with you, this experience I had as a consequence of my contact experience is quite unusual. And what was imparted on me through this dialogue in my questions to Tezjbar left me with a new understanding of the way consciousness works in the way that we evolve through multiple lifetimes and how that works, where it begins from and how it continues. So we’re just, you know, kind of babies, we’re still we still have other major stages to go. So he described what that’s like because he had gone through those stages.

He was a higher dimensional being who had once been human on Earth some 3000 years ago. And he explained when he died three thousand years ago, he ascended and continued his life experience and his conscious evolution in what he called the astral realm, which he explained to me is hyper dimensional space. It’s a it’s a realm in which the physical realm of three dimensions of space and one dimension of time is a subset. And he explained how there are these higher dimensions and you become a higher dimensional being, that you have this energy that survives physical death, that gets reincarnated. And we refer to it typically as the soul. But he called it the astral body. And that astral body continues to evolve.

And eventually, when we master unconditional love and we ascend, then we’re born into this new higher dimensional body. That’s the astral body, and it takes on the form, he said of the Merkabah, the Star Merkabah. And in fact, many of the objects that we that I have personally seen when I do a CE-5 are orbs, these bright orbs, and in people have now photographed and videoed these orbs, including myself many times. And these orbs are very fast spinning Merkabah as these are higher dimensional beings that at least some of them, I believe are we’re human at one time and now our astral beings, our ancestors, these are the ancestors that the indigenous speak of and they take that form. And when they want to show themselves to us, they take that form of a sphere. But if you were to slow it down, it would appear as a star Merkabah because it’s spinning so quickly, it takes on the shape of a sphere.

I feel that that’s one of the unusual aspects, is that I was given this very well defined model of how we go through major stages of conscious evolution to get to be human consciousness and that it doesn’t stop here, that we continue this process. And and that’s that’s pretty cool. So we’re almost bringing people back from the breakout groups.

Our mission is to learn unconditional love.

Zenka – But you got any advice for us?

Mark – Well, I asked Tejpar. I said, what is unconditional love and how does one master it? And he told me, that is for you to find out and discover on your own. And so I spent since that time a lot of research on this question. What is love? What you know, I think as human beings, we take for granted and gloss over and over, use the word love.

We just use it very loosely and and in very many contexts. There’s the love, you know, what we call the agape love, the love for community and and all people. That’s one kind of love. And then there’s passion, you know, the kind of love we have for a lover. And then there’s, you know, love that we have for a child. These are very different types of love. But we use the same word very, you know, to describe all of them. And through my own study of love, I’ve come to really appreciate and be careful of how I use the word. And I think we tend to use it very loosely. But what I believe I discovered was the true meaning in the terms of this ascension, this requirement of ascending, and that is love for one’s self, that we are human beings and by our very nature, we’re imperfect and we get very hard. We all make mistakes invariably throughout our life. Some minor, most of them minor. But sometimes we make some real doozies that hold us back, that we carry that guilt or, you know, we’re we’re disappointed. We feel that we’re not good people because we made some very bad mistake.

But you have to forgive yourself and we all make mistakes. And the point is that we’re to learn from them and ultimately forgive ourselves so that we can move on and end by forgiving ourself. We can then more easily forgive other people who have wronged us or wronged others, because that’s the human way we we all have made mistakes and that’s how we move forward. I think that’s how. And so, you know, to kind of wrap it up, I don’t believe it’s possible to truly love another person until you love yourself unconditionally. And so that’s that’s what I’ve come to believe.

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