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Maurice – It’s like we were in a whole other reality. They say that when we dream we release DMT. I got to do it before, and it literally was just like that experience that I had my first astral projection or abduction that was I don’t know what it was, but that was the closest thing to that. Because it sends you straight to – the main source – which is the one you are – the one – we all are part of that one source – or the godly being. It’s just getting this experience in so many different angles. I guess you want to call it. But you go through, a travel – like a wormhole to even get to that point.

That is how I look at it. Like in the movie Avatar – you were talking about – because even in the movie Avatar, they can’t be in two places at one time, the spirit can only be in one place. So while his body is in that machine – the blue creature is alive. And when he’s awake in his regular self, which you can say the blue thing – is dreaming now. Right. It sleeps.

All right, so. That’s how I look at it. As for us, when we sleep, we are our true selves, which can be our true selves in multiple different dimensions because I believe in multiple dimensions. So that’s why some dreams might be different in different worlds or different vibrational frequencies or that dream that you may be having.

You know, I believe that that’s where we go. Our spirit goes back to these realities and they come back to this reality just to get this experience that this reality has to offer. Because we want to know what pain or love or hunger will feel like in this reality. If we wasn’t, we have a vehicle to control, which will be this body to get that experience. You know, so it’s cool.

All right, my first DMT experience was in San Clemente, Orange County. It just came – Ronald and I just came to California within a month, maybe a month or so at the time. And I’m telling this girl about spirituality with this group of people actually in. The girls was telling me, no, you know that DMT that you were talking about. I got one hit up and I want you to experience it. I was saying wow that’s it’s crazy. I just spoke into existence and here you are.

So we go up to a friend’s house. And they start playing this song with binary music, but it has all the frequencies in its music. It’s like traveling music or whatever you want to call it. I had to smoke it, so the DMT that I used that almost like how the Wax is from dabbing or anything like that.

So we had a smoke it so in a smoke and I inhale and as soon as I exhale soul left with my body. And I remember the walls, everything turned pixellated. Like I’m in a digital world and you can hear it – like everything’s shutting down stuff – and it’I shoot off. And as I am shooting off – the first things that I can remember seeing was geometric shapes, triangles, squares and circles and all kinds of weird things that when I go through this wormhole and I know I don’t have a body. I know have no body is just whatever your conscious is. So I am traveling to this one place. And it’s like a waiting room and then I shoot off to another place. And then you end up in this place where, well, the DMT trip was a little different, but you hear a lot of light sound forces, things all at once, almost like how the movie is when somebody hearing a ghost talk to them.

That’s what it sounds like. Are you in this place and you just had a bunch of clutter and then you shut off to another place and now you almost feel like you’re looking at a galaxy from a telescope. Right. And you shoot from this place and then you end up to the final place where you are everything.

It’s a place of love – operation – hate doesn’t even exist there – hunger.

You are everything and everything gives you – anything that you want to be, anything you want to be aware, to want to be that, in a 10th of a thought. As quickly as you could think you could have it. It was weird is was like – you are God, almost like right – this is weird!

After that, the trip back. Felt faster than it took to get there, right? But I felt like I was gone in this world for so long. It is a good Nineteen to twenty four hours.

Right, so when I wake up from this experience, I remember opening my eyes and when I open my eyes was pure darkness in all. The wall started up again coming in like like pixilation.

And I remember the guy that was watching over me wasn’t even there. It was like all black. I don’t know where he just came from he just appeared right over me. Where did you come from. Here watching over you. But I said, how long was I gone? And he said five, eight minutes. I said – what! I thought I was gone for hours so – the time there was way different.

But when you come back off of if you want to come in, what is a small piece of the experience, which is weird cause I guess you don’t take your brain, which you take is your conscience, your spirit or whatever, with you. And that’s my DMT experience.

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