Human Design & Human Templates

We did a deep dive with Nolan Kisich on the energetics behind Human Design, you can check out the video recap at the bottom of the page. If you have never looked into it, you can get a free chart here. You can also grab your Gene Keys Profile, or 16 Personalities.

We had some amazing responses to the free form questions which you will see below.

Why do you think we can learn a lot about ourselves through birth and location information? What is your theory?

  • “The energy and frequencies at our birth feel like home to us and enable our highest selves”

  • “The influence of the planets on us determines quite a bit about our lives.”

  • “Power of place & circumstances, surroundings have an effect”

  • “We choose our parents”

  • “Holographic Universe Yo!”

  • “There are no accidents. It’s the contract we made before we came here.”

  • “Environmental Influence”

  • “We are from the stars”

  • “There are different energies given off from the planets and their placement at the time of your birth.”

  • “The time, the place we choose to incarnate into have an influence.”

  • “When we’re born, we inhale the universe we’re born into. Just as the Moon influences the tides, we’re influenced by our environment, terrestrial and celestial.”

  • “To focus on one’s mission in this avatar”

  • “Because we chose the location and date, before our birth.”

  • “I believe it is part of our unique timing on Earth and it is part of and gives us indications on what may be our soul path and soul mission on Gaia (Earth).”

  • “Not sure but believe it can help.”

  • “Planets and other celestial events do influence our lives. Known from ancient times.”

  • “I learned this to be true through Vedic astrology”

  • “We are all part of the galactic collective and connected”

  • “God set us up designed to learn our lessons in certain locations”

  • “Everything is for a reason and our lives are mapped out, before we enter the Earth, for whatever purpose we came and the lessons we need to learn for ascension.”

  • “Sacred geometry”

  • “Geo-physical and astronomical grids, data, all is one”

  • “My belief is that we are living in a simulation/ a holographic universe that predetermines our life trajectories via time lines/cycles, mathematical formulas, celestial geometries and birth locale on the planetary grid.”

  • “I believe this can tell us about our uniqueness within the collective.”

  • “The alignment of the planets can have many effects”

  • “Frequencies are affected by alignment of the heavenly bodies at each moment”

  • “I wonder if the magnetics and energetics of the various celestial bodies, interacting with the energetics and magnetics of our beautiful earth at our precise location and time of physical birth, bear influence. Is our “assignment” for the current earth human life really written in the arrangement of the cosmos? I see musical notes on staff paper when I imagine this. A perfect composition.”

  • “I think it is related to the energetic evolution of that place and its connection with astral space, which serve as a starting point to continue with the personal evolutionary process and our life mission.”

  • “Soul timing and agreements via karmic growth opportunity”

  • “It is one of many factors playing into our destiny”

  • “I believe we choose our bodies and templates – kind of like in the movie Soul by Disney.”

Which is your favorite and why?

  • Astrology because planetary alignment does have something to do with energy” – “Astrology: I’ve studied it for years; familiar with it, and seen it’s efficacy.” – “Astrology is a road map” – “Astrology. It makes good sense.” – “I have only ever really used astrology consistently as it is convenient and easy to understand and navigate.” – “Astrology because it is well known” – “Astrology because our lives and archetypal personality patterns are linked/determined by astrological (cosmic) arranagements of the sun, stars and planets at the time of our births.”

  • Human Design is most accurate for me” – “Human Design, because it integrates several tools and seems to be more complete.”

  • Gene Keys. It provides a developmental path”

  • Myers Briggs-been around awhile so more familiar”

  • Tarot I find that a loose interpretation of the cards allows for more intuitive knowing rather than a strict associated meaning for each card. The cards help me order my thoughts better and clarify what things might be hiding from me in my subconscious. The synchronicies I often get when I play with the tarot is quite joyous as well.” – “Tarot – intuitive, accurate”

  • Enneagram to align people in a community for innovation” – “Enneagram super easy for me, and I move through things quickly, however, I love the poetry and contemplation associated with the sequences in Gene Keys.”

  • I Ching never wrong in over 50 years” – “Chinese astrology was accurate”

  • “Different ones at different times – no favourite –Palmistry I knew intuitively since age 3, tea leaf reading age 4 and Tarot cards by age 5… thought everyone could do it! I Ching and Astrology around age 12 and mirror gazing age 22.”

  • The Invisible Garment is the most in depth, profound, and transforming of all that I’ve studied.”

  • “Oh, I forgot, runes. but my fave is intuitive numerology for assisting others. for myself, tarot and i-ching”

  • “I don’t have a favorite per se but I love how each tool chips away different pieces of what I end up realizing is aspects of the same thing. And that the ‘thing’ I thought I was uncovering is turning out to be a much, MUCH larger and more complex and nuanced thing than I originally understood at the beginning.”

  • “No favorites. They each seem to have their differences, sometimes downright divergent, but I experience “truths” in each method I’ve explored along with occasional bits that do not seem to click. Albeit, my exploring is not exactly comprehensive.”

  • “Bio. PHOTON ANALYZER, because I am much more than any of those BOXED in paradigms of analysese… analysis. Am constantly growing & TRANSMUTING ALL LIMITATIONS.. I DON’T FIT INTO those small boxes of descriptions …I AM MORE THAN WHAT THEY CAN POSSIBLY DESCRIBE.”

  • “Actually I prefer to use my own self guidance and my spiritual guidance” – “I’m starting to use more inner talk and work”

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