Arcturus Ra: Number Keys and Raising Your Vibes

In this session, with inventor Arcturus Ra, we covered scalar energy, the physics of sacred sites, high vibe hacks and more. Learn more about Arcturus Ra’s tech and downloads. YouTube Website

Arcturus Ra Recap Video

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Survey Results

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When asked what people felt 111 means:

  • “An invitation and opportunity to place a Cosmic Order”

  • “I feel like the Universe is trying to speak to me.”

  • “Synchronicity”

  • I am definitely receiving communication from another dimension.

  • “It means that what I was just thinking or doing is reinforced as on the right path. It sometimes means that my Higher Self is providing comfort and support in general.”

  • “It means that I’m on the right path and flow of where I’m at in the moment. The universe is with me.”

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