Answer questions to provide a diversified solutions from our human family

Hi Team,

I resonant with what the team is trying to achieve and I want to make a few suggestions that may help the team and this movement in the long run.

I have worked with global teams for the last 15 years and have always noticed that the group/team comes up with better solutions/ideas and hence obtaining a diverse response on questions/problem statements/ideas.

My suggestion is to have on the community site a place (like the surveys) where the organizers can solicit ideas/solutions. It can also be part of a help section or course section where our human family can submit their ideas/thoughts.

A couple of good example would be

1. We have identified that true CE6 protocol works and can be replicated. Our intention is to make the world aware of this, any ideas/thoughts/help on getting this off the ground?


2. We are looking at creating  an app and looking for ways to market it. Our intention is xxxxxxxxany ideas/thoughts/help on getting this off the ground?

3. We have a new institute our intention is to get it renovated and up and running by the end of the year..any ideas/thoughts/help on getting this off the ground?

I am happy to discuss and provide any other ideas that I may have to help as I also work in strategy and project management in downtown LA