Unity, Cosmic & God Consciousness

In this session, Sara R. Adams shares her insight on how to become the pilot of your life. Here is a video recap of the session and the results of our collective intelligence below.

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What is Cosmic Consciousness?

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From our community

  • Cosmic consciousness would be that one is fearlessly open and accepting of life of all kinds, forms and expressions.

  • The awareness that we are part of a vast multiverse of life.

  • An awareness that encompasses all that is.

  • I was going to ask you this question. I would say awareness that everything is consciousness.

  • Oneness but many branches. Mostly good.

  • Awesomeness like what I have experienced here in the physical.

  • Knowing that you are an instrument under the control of the greater being.

  • An awareness, sense, or direct experience of our own multidimensional nature and/or contact with ET beings.

  • Cosmic Consciousness might be a higher awareness outside of the earth human perceivable world, transcending the five basic earth human senses and obscured or hidden behind earth human egoic logic and systems.

  • Loving awareness of our cosmic family.

  • Aware of other dimensionals and technologies.

  • Awareness of and ability to connect with ultraterrestials and celestial light beings.

  • Frequency- wave- love.

  • Knowing your connection to the mind of all beings throughout the universe.

  • Cosmic consciousness encompasses the access to “All that Is” Tuning in to other Beings.

  • Knowing and living that you are all and all is yourconsciousness that extends into other galaxies and dimensions…Other dimensions.

  • Awareness and interaction with the consciousness of cosmic intelligence.

  • The ability to tap into cosmic realms at will.

  • Multidimensional consciousness.

  • Being aware of higher knowledge that can guide me and what is happening universally on a cosmic level.

  • Awareness of all expressions of being/life

  • Christ Consciousness.

  • Energetic awareness with Cosmic cycles?

  • Cosmic consciousness is understanding that we are part of a vast cosmos made up of countless solar systems, galaxies, star systems – more than we can comprehend.

  • Telepathic communication across ‘dimensions’

  • Awareness of where we are in the big universe and the vast multitude of conscious entities throughout the galaxies.

What does God Consciousness mean to you?

From our community

  • The knowledge that you are effecting everything all the time in your copy of the universe.

  • The divine spark that we are, as creators, and makes us a unit.

  • An awareness that knows about his/her own powers.

  • Oneness.

  • Everything including humanity, nature originates from the same god particle.

  • I like to use the word Divine, creator, I was kinda Bible thumped by hypocrites.

  • In the religion I was brought up in so God is not a pleasant thought for me.

  • I am aware and sure of a loving, life-creating intelligence that has no apparent form.

  • I am also aware that I am part of and an expression of this consciousness being under the control of the ONE.

  • A sense that energies beyond my understanding are within, around, and are me.

  • Source or life force energy.

  • Similar to Cosmic Consciousness (higher awareness outside of our perceivable world and our five basic earth human senses) but I suspect that God Consciousness might be a deepening of connection within and a true opening of the heart.

  • Being in touch with prime creator.

  • We have access and able to act within god consciousness.

  • Reconnecting with the Supreme Creator from whom everything and every being in the multiverse emanated or fragmented from.

  • Support – love

  • Being connected to the One Infinite Creator – Allisone – Adonai – YadHeVauHe…

  • It encompasses access to all the powers of a consciousness.

  • Being one with Source, the be all and end all.I would say the same as higher consciousness, Source.

  • Isn’t it all the same, just terminology?

  • Knowing that you are a creator of worlds not sure…Highest vibration attainable.

  • The origination of consciousness.Going back to where we all started.

  • I am.

  • Being fully present in every now moment.

  • Being one with God and everything in life.

  • For me it is that deep mystical understanding to which words can only point.

  • Christ Consciousness.

  • Self-evolving Life Force Energetic Intelligence within our Universe.

  • God Consciousness is the Creator, Source, the impetus that is within and without an enviable goal.

  • Awareness and feeling a closeness and connection to the one universal creator of everything.

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