Exo Metaverse Team

Exo Team



Zenka Caro

Zenka Caro is a futurist and social engineer. She specializes in designing self organizing software systems which can move us from the Information Age into the Wisdom Age. She is an advocate for free tools and “plumbing” which can accelerate and cushion our current, mass shift in consciousness. Zenka is a specialist in augmented reality, data visualization, and consciousness. She consults, speaks at conferences, and prototypes systems including; The Global Awakening Tracker (a system to quantify the global renaissance), Exo Metaverse (a citizen science project to encourage contact with non-human intelligence), Triple Smart Labs (a hardware share lab in Argentina), and The Passion Based Economy (a game and abundance engine to fund civilization redesign).

  • Website: https://www.zenka.org

  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hellozenka

  • Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zenka

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hellozenka



Kenny Moentmann

Founder of CE5 Citizen Report, Kenny offers people the opportunity to share their collective CE5 experiences through his Youtube Channel and is working to facilitate people posting their own videos, artworks and media on the Ce5 Citizen Report website. The CE5 website also offers tips, tools and downloads to assist people in their contact journey. Kenny’s endeavors currently include working on a mentor ship program for contact beginners as well as an interactive contact map. 


Sharon Clark

My introduction to the UFO genre came as a result of working with Zenka on her amazing platforms and has invoked many questions about the universe and every being that inhabits it. My past studies have included, energy therapies, New Thought ministries and more recently channeling, suiting this new path of discovery perfectly. Can extradimensionals be aware of the level of consciousness on earth by the color and strength of the Torus surrounding it? Since the Eco systems within the Earth, plant life, oceans and animals, all the way down to amoebas and single celled organisms are all directly influenced and directly influence the earth’s atmosphere the possibility exists that the more advanced beings in our universe have the capability to discern changes in the Torus surrounding the earth, which is an indication of the vibratory rate of consciousness on our planet. Just a thought.



Daniel Rekshan

Daniel is a hypnotist, dreamworker, artist, and web engineer. Daniel works with dreams through study, development of online tools for dream research, and facilitating group sessions involving dreams and dream-like experiences.  He understands that dreams are a domain of contact between human and extra-dimensional intelligences. Daniel has a certificate in the spiritual counselling modality of Depth Hypnosis, a Master’s in East-West Psychology, a Bachelor’s in Classical Liberal Arts.  He offers an impactful blend of hypnosis, shamanic, and dream practices at: http://cosmisdreamhypnosis.com.

Daniel is the founder of NORD, the Non Ordinary Reality Database.  NORD collects and analyzes first-person stories about non-ordinary reality experiences such as dreams, visions, meditations, and encounters with extra-dimensional intelligences.  NORD is offered as an Open Data Commons with a set of Citizen Science tools.  To learn more, please visit: http://nordcommons.org.

You may learn more about Daniel at: http://danielrekshan.com.