What are ET/ED’s and why are they here?

What are ET/ED’s? Why are they here? As you can see from the results of this survey, most of us believe that they are beings from other dimensions that can enter our world, or beings that can time travel, or beings that have mastered interstellar travel.

This survey was prompted by our interview with Sean Esbjörn-Hargens Ph.D. from Exo Studies Institute.

Sean is working to establish the first Exo Masters and PhD University program in the world and does a short course for newcomers and a year long course intro (contact him to join mid-year). In is paper, Our Wild Kosmos An Exo Studies Exploration of the Ontological Status of Non-Human Intelligences he not only charts dozens of species and 150 disciplines working to make sense of this phenomenon, he tracks the world’s most popular theories on why they are here and what are they.

What do they want?


For “Other” people wrote: Co-existing Participants, In Communion, Conquerer, beyond human comprehension and stated that perhaps their intention varies based on their origin.

What are ET/EDs? What hypothesis feel true for you?

#1 – 87% Extradimensional Hypothesis (EDH): Beings from other dimensions can enter our world.

#2 – 87% Time Traveling Hypothesis (TTH): They are advanced beings/evolved humans from the future.

#3 – 81% Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH): Beings from other planets have means of interstellar travel.

#4 – 54% Co-creative Hypothesis (CCH): Beings adjust and morph in combination with our ability and frame of reference to experience them.

#5 – 41% Mutual Enactment Hypothesis (MEH): Beings are influenced by electromagnetic energy and have three spectrums (station – location), sovereignty (free will) and substance (matter/energy).

#6 – 27% Breakaway Civilization Hypothesis (BCH): Beings are off planet humans who have masters anti-gravity technology.

#7 – 24% Dark Military Hypothesis (DMH): Beings are are result of advanced tech used to produce psychological manipulation.

#8 – 22% Psychosocial Hypothesis (PSH): The beings are a result of the collective consciousness, hysteria, manifestation and psi and change with the trends of cultural decades.

#9 – 22% Earth Lights Hypothesis (ELH): Beings are a result of electromagnetic dynamics and ley lines which produce lights, and orbs.

#10 – 19% Artificial Intelligence Hypothesis (AIH): Beings are results of programming, even UFO’s are living machines.

#11 – 16% Intrapsychic Hypothesis (IPH): Beings are a result of false memories, projections, trauma, altered states of consciousness, hypnagogic sleep, EMF hallucination.


Do you think Exo Studies should be taught in schools?

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What do you think?

Sean Esbjörn-Hargens Ph.D. Recap Video

Sean Esbjörn-Hargens Ph.D. from the Exo Studies Institute discusses mainstream disclosure and what is ahead. He talks about the shift we will experience as a multi-planet species and multi-species planet and the mysteries of time, and subtle energy.

To access the full interview and transcript become an Exo Member $4.44.

You can find out more about Sean Esbjörn-Hargens Ph.D. fascinating work at Website: https://www.exostudies.org Website: http://ufocourse.com

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