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Why Do You Think The Taboo is Lifting?

  • Gaia TV

  • There is an awakening in all people.

  • Most serious information is reaching more people.

  • More people seem to be open minded than years ago.

  • Lots of sightings, ppl are talking

  • Well no one believes me except my husband who also experienced seeing light beings.

  • No one else believes me but my daughter and her contemporaries are SO OPEN

  • As more and more people are opening themselves to these experiences the veil of this reality and other realities gets thinner.

  • More and more people are open to these experiences now for several reasons including what’s been disclosed as of recent from the U.S government, as well as being at a point technologically (cell phone cameras etc.) where these experiences are being documented. I believe that our ancestors were more consciously evolved and the veil of reality was at one point thinner, which is why there’s so many ancient tales of different entities/beings.

  • Because the universe is awakening to the New Earth.

  • New higher consciousness.

  • We’re diffusing it with reason and heart.

  • Because more is being revealed every day.

  • The frequency of humanity is raised with positive, loving contact.

  • More people are having sightings.

  • People are awakening to the fact that we are not alone in the universe due to the no of planets and galaxies that are discovered.

  • Sightings & evidence of pics taken 😉

  • DoD has stated that UAP’s in the Navy video are real, a space force has been added, more people are interested…

  • There is more and more stories coming out making it easier to talk about. And people are becoming more open and accepting of these experiences.

  • So many reasons, general distrust of media and consensus 3d reality. More likely, people are having experiences that they can’t deny.

  • By the evidence and the experiences that more people are having.

  • Because the mind control 3d 4d matrix is breaking apart very fast.

  • Its been in news a lot lately.

  • Recent military disclosures and more coverage on YouTube.

  • Becoming more common place to be talking about ET’s and UFO’s.

What advice do you have for people who are shy about opening up?

You will love it on the other side.

It’s time. We shouldn’t feel shy about our curiosity. Are we alone is a very natural question all humans ask. When you open up others open up too and are relieved.

Find people who are open and non-judgemental.

Just trust your heart and intuition about who you share info with. If they are always open to knew things and always loving and kind with you then they are on your side.

It will be a relief for yourself if you share the experience with others. Opening up will change your reality further.

They must open their hearts and minds to reality and share.

Start with related online social groups and get used to talking about it.

Find a group of experiencers to talk to.

We are OK!

I am one of those people. I joined ETLetsTalk and Sirius networks. It doesn’t feel as lonely🙏🏼

Throughout history there’s been those who have changed this world for the better, (think Tesla, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) and it’s often the case that in their time they were deeply unpopular because of their “new” ideas, ideas that didn’t align with the general worldview of the masses, but those same ideas would one day radically change the world. True self-love is fearless and unconditional, there’s no actual reason to be shy when you’re 100% yourself, it’s all anyone and most of all, you really ever wanted from you. Always turn toward love and you’ll never be alone.

They are our friends and have been around protecting us since the beginning of Time. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Follow REASON and your heart. Connect your beliefs with highly-credible humanitarians. The day is fast arriving when people will need to make a choice whether they believe reality or comic books.

Generally people in the more esoteric fields of study the energy healing and spiritual world tend to be more open minded but you will be surprised who else. Ask people what they think first you will see them start to open up. about 60% of the country believes in things that are seemingly unexplainable (psychics, mediums, etc etc)

Project to the universe what you love and you will be greatly rewarded

I feel ET’s are friendly. With their intelligence they could destroy us in an instance if that was their intention.

It is okay. There are plenty of people who are opening up, tons of groups to join.

Be open-minded, you might learn something!😉

You will find your real friends when you open up…

Talk to your closest friends first.

Together we can overcome the meanies

When you open up from a point of love and connections, it doesn’t really matter what you fear.

We are part of a multiverse full of life, so being connected with other beings is something natural and part of our very essence. That is why it is important to connect with ourselves, to open ourselves to contact with life in our environment and, thus, to life in all its dimensions.

No fear

Do whatever feels right for you. Open up when you are ready.

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