The Light Net is a new breed of search engine. It is an open data commons and citizen science platform to track, in real time, our paradigm shift towards the global renaissance. It’s like NASA’s Mission Control, except instead of rockets, we’re mapping and visualizing the evolution of our personal and collective consciousness.

During these times of extraordinary opportunity, how do we create the blueprints for a new society? We map what we already have, form alliances, and show people evidence that we have the power to set into motion a world of new possibilities. As we watch these growth curves become exponential, the Light Net boldly inspires a new narrative of choice and potential.

The Light Net is Here

Open Data Commons

The underlying system architecture allows for user accounts and can take in data natively or from external apps, websites, and surveys. It can then process the data in Elasticsearch and display it in maps and interactive charts. The beauty of the system is that it can aggregate, attribute and filter data from multiple sources to provide powerful collective intelligence. Filters can also scale all the way down to a single user’s private personal journey.

Living Library and Map: The system is designed to map and rank our best resources so that we can become highly efficient and self organize at scale. When a user adds a resource they are saving it to an easy-to-share personal library. Other users can adopt those resources and see which ones filter to the top as a group.

Citizen Science: Users can take surveys and participate in citizen science groups. This data guides us to what methodologies are working best and lead us down to the detailed resources in the living library.

Hope: Our platform features a variety of monitors that track key indicators of conscious evolution online. This includes audience growth of 600+ groups and influencers on social media, and Google Trends and Reddit data. The data is clear, we are waking up and co-creating a fascinating new world.